If you’re not up to speed with another Disney subscription series model for the “Disney Backstage Collection” that launch back in September this year. It’s a monthly subscription series from The Walt Disney Company that pays homage towards it’s heritage and iconic history of the company.

When you subscribe towards the collection you get a limited-edition t-shirt, limited-edition collectible pin and other surprises from Walt Disney Imagineering and the Walt Disney Studios archives. The creators of the subscription series work with both parties to create unique and vintage art as inspiration within the series.

The first release drop of when The Walt Disney Company was first founded in 1923 as the very beginning of the Disney Brothers, Walt and Roy first called it “Disney Bros Studios” that was a very small office located in Kingswell Avenue in Hollywood. Since then more and more Disney themed merchandise is coming down the line for the next iteration in the series.

Five brand new themes are coming in each canister and everyone one of them is a mystery item for every month.

The five new canisters will include from the following:

  • The Emperor’s New Groove 20th Anniversary
  • The Haunted Mansion’s 50th Anniversary
  • Fantasia’s 80th Anniversary
  • The Three Caballeros 75th Anniversary
  • Toy Story’s 25th Anniversary

Here’s the photos shown down below for the Disney Backstage Collection coming.


Pricing for the subscription series has three tier levels: Three months ($39.99 per month), Six months ($37.99 per month),or One year ($34.99 per month). T-shirt sizing can be selected when you first choose your options from sizes XS-2XL and can be either for yourself or a gift.

If you wanna bring some magic towards your home, by checking out the link here to learn more about the collection on shopDisney.

Disclaimer: *Theme Park Shark LLC. is not affiliated or endorsed by The Walt Disney Company for The Disney Backstage Collection as all opinions and statements are reserved within the staff members of the site* * We never sell anyone products unless anyone in a company or third party officials approaches us and your privacy and information is important to us as we take it seriously* 



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