Colourpop has released a limited-edition Lizzie McGuire makeup collection, available now!

The collection includes bright and colorful items such as an eyeshadow palette, pressed powder blush set, glitter gel set, gloss kits, and more.

The eyeshadow palette, appropriately titled “What Dreams Are Made Of,” includes vibrant shades that capture Lizzie’s essence, including shades of green, pinks, and purples. The blushes and glitter sets scream 90s Lizzie, and there’s glosses each named after Lizzie, Miranda, Gordo, and the dreamy Ethan Craft.

You can buy items separately, in a set, or you can purchase the entire collection in one bundle. Items range from $9 to $111 (the full collection). These are going fast, though, so make sure to check them out at Colourpop’s website!