Annual Passes for Walt Disney World go one sale again starting September 8th, but with new names, new pricing and updated blackout dates.

A new system that allows different tiers of Annual Passes to hold different amounts of Park Reservations will come online beginning September 8, 2021 at the Walt Disney World Resort.

The resort had suspended new annual pass sales last year due to limited capacity during the Covid-19 pandemic. This will mark the first time since last year that new passes will be sold.

Split into 4 new tiers named, Pixie Dust, Pirate, Sorcerer, and Incredi-Pass, the former tiered names like Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc will be retired.

Each tier features its own restrictions and benefits, with Pixie-Dust offering the least amount of benefits, and Incredi-Pass offering the most.

All passholders will continue to be required to make a Park Reservation before they can visit a theme park at Walt Disney World.

Rather than all annual passholders being relegated to only making 3 Park Reservations at a time, each tier will have its own allotted reservation amount, from 3 to 5. (Once you use a Park Reservation, you can make another reservation for a future date.)

Passholders will continue to also get additional Park Reservations for the duration of any on-site hotel stays.

Disney also says that they will be adding “bonus reservations” to the calendar from time to time, so Passholders can make an additional park reservation without it counting against their applicable reservation hold limit.

All 4 passes include free parking at the theme parks, as well as discounts on food and merchandise at select locations.

Current passholders, and those that renew their pass prior to September 8th, will be locked into their pre-existing contract, but after it expires will have to select one of the new tiers upon renewal.

Plus, beginning September 8th, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus Annual Passholders will also be able to hold more reservations at a time. Learn More.

See the infographic below for a complete breakdown of the 4 new annual passes.


See more details, including blackout dates for each of the passes at the official website.