Walt Disney World’s Jungle Cruise attraction at Magic Kingdom.

Walt Disney World has shared an update on what changes guests can expect at the Jungle Cruise attraction located at Magic Kingdom.

We first heard of changes coming to the attraction in January, Disney officials revealed that enhancements to the attraction will include a new inclusive story, characters, and wildlife.

Disney has now revealed last week that the ride will soon have a number of new scenes that will be all interconnected.

“The new scenes will heighten our skippers’ legendary comedic tone, beginning with a trapped safari party that finds itself up a tree after their journey goes awry”.

“Unexpected scenarios along the way will give the jungle and animals the last laugh!”

Disney also revealed that the new story coming to the attraction will be based on the character Alberta Falls, the proprietor of the Jungle Navigation Company Ltd, and granddaughter of renowned captain Dr. Albert Falls.

Walt Disney World are yet to announce when the changes to the Jungle Cruise attraction will begin or be completed.