Onboard the Disney Wish ship which will embark on its maiden voyage on June 9, 2022, will host a wide range of entertainment for young children and toddlers.

Disney Cruise Line, in their announcement today revealed that with the new Toy Story-themed waterplay district, which is designed specifically for children, children will be able to “swim-finity and beyond”.

It’s to be called the “Toy Story Splash Zone” and will be a water playground where Woody, Buzz and friends will be “adorably reimagined as larger-than-life rubber bath toys that move and spray water at kids’ whim”.

Another zone is inspired by the Disney and Pixar short “Partysaurus Rex”, which can be viewed on Disney+, and will combine the Old West of Woody’s Roundup with the intergalactic world of Buzz Lightyear.

That’s not all! Everyone in the family will be able to enjoy a trip down “Slide-a-saurus Rex”, a double looping waterslide that sends guests plunging “down the drain” with the rest of the toys when the metaphorical bathtub overflows.

Other features of this playful pool district will include “Trixie’s Falls”, a six-inch-deep wading pool with a small fountain and waterfall, and “Wheezy’s Freezies”, a smoothie bar serving up refreshing fruit blends for the perfect cool-down treat.