The new Disney Wish ship is to show off the first ever Disney attraction at sea, called the “AquaMouse”.

Families will be immersed in “The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse” animated shorts aboard the attraction that is complete with show scenes and lighting and special effects.

The surprises on the water ride will, according to Disney Cruise Line, “send guests on a fun family adventure through 760 feet of winding tubes suspended high above the upper decks”.

The story on the attraction features Mickey and Minnie Mouse who start their own seaside excursion company named “Port Misadventures” on board the Disney Wish.

Adventurous cruisers will join them on an undersea excursion to Mermaid Lagoon that will go awry both inevitably and hilariously.

Guests on the attraction will board two-seater ride vehicles and ascend into a magical tunnel that will teleport them into the cartoon world of “Scuba Scramble”.

They will then encounter sea creatures, familiar Disney friends and more than 60 water effects with perfectly synched original music by Christopher Willis.

Disney then say that “at the height of the show, guests will blast out of the tunnel and embark on a wild water ride around the upper decks”.

“First, they’ll zip into the forward funnel through an enclosed tube surrounded by dazzling lighting effects, followed by a quick dash through a dark tunnel that opens up to reveal breathtaking views of the ocean.”

“They’ll then jet up and down a series of speed blasters as they are propelled toward the grand finale: a soaring loop over the edge of the ship, with clear views down to the deep blue sea.”

“With that, they’ll splash down for a sendoff message from Mickey and Minnie – another successful tour in the books!”