The new attraction is set to open in 2023, but until then, Disneyland is ‘hiding’ its massive show building in the best way possible.

Guests entering Toontown at Disneyland for the first time in over a year are being treated to a unique sight. The massive show building for the park’s upcoming Runaway Railway attraction may be in clear view, but Disney has the perfect solution.

A sign that reads “WHAT BIG BUILDING?” has been placed along the guest-facing side overlooking Toontown. “There’s NO Big Building Here!”

Looking even closer, it appears the sign is brought you “by the Toontown Department of Implausible Deniability.”

It’s good to see Disneyland have a sense of humor about the ongoing construction within the cartoon-themed land. Many expect that this structure will eventually be blocked from view, most likely by rolling green hills to match the rest of the area.

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway first opened at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios, but is also planned to open at Disneyland Park in 2023.


The facade for Disneyland’s version will have guests entering the “El CapiToon Theater” to experience the attraction. Inside, the queue will pass by physical props based on things seen in popular Disney cartoons of the past.


The attraction itself, which is based on the popular Mickey Shorts cartoons, combines trackless ride vehicle technology with state-of-the-art projection mapping and audio-animatronics.