Disneyland have recalled up to 200 Cast Members as part of a food and beverage reopening at Buena Vista Streets.

California state officials have relaxed COVID-19 restrictions leading the Disneyland union, Workers United Local 50, to release a statement.

“Disney will begin contacting members for recall as part of a food and beverage re-opening at Buena Vista Streets. Positions will be filled for Carthay Circle, Award Weiners, Smokejumpers Grill, and ODV.”

“In total, this first wave is expected to be 71 members in Table Service, 138 members in Quick Service, and 23 members in Out Door Vending. As before, the recall MOU is in effect.”

  • If you have a valid reason to not be recalled you can inform the Disney representative directly over the phone that you are passing on recall or you can not answer the phone calls and the company will move on.
  • The company will attempt to reach each person 2 times. With at least 45 minutes between call 1 and call 2.