Fall Decorations Arrive At Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Theme Park Shark
Fall Decorations Arrive At Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

Tomorrow, September 15th 2020, the transition to Fall begins at the Magic Kingdom. Today, in preparation for the fall season, decorations were placed to begin the transformation of the most magical place on earth.

We noticed lots of flowers throughout main street as we walked down the park. These flowers were seen from any and every direction. The addition of these flowers truly made main street even more beautiful!

Even the fire station is decked out in fall flowers! What are your thoughts seeing the main street fire station with fall flowers?

We also spotted several windows with Fall and Halloween decor. Nearly all of The Emporiums windows have changed over to a Halloween theme. Some of these windows feature Nightmare Before Christmas and some feature selections of merch that are available this year.

Sadly, no mickey pumpkins have gone up yet. With that said, the standard flowers that are normally here have been taken down. This leads us to believe that the mickey pumpkins will be going up shortly.

Here you can see some flowers and vegetation that we expect to be transformed overnight and replaced by hay and scarecrows.

Some famous friends were greeting us today at the Main Street Train Station. This is such a cool way to take in our Disney friends while maintaining social distance.

Want to see a video tour of these new decorations? We have you covered:

These are not the only decorations going out at Magic Kingdom. Tomorrow, we will most likely see the full transformation. One thing that will be missing this fall season is the Trick Or Treating. Don’t worry though, you will still see a few cast members wearing the treats costume throughout main street.