Imagineers gave us a sneak peek at new additions to the Jungle Cruise, which officially reopens next week, but is offering soft openings prior.

Officially reopening on July 16th at Disneyland Park, the World-Famous Jungle Cruise has received multiple new scenes, including a new chimp-filled boat, trapped safari party up a pole, and a Trader Sam Lost & Found booth for the ride’s conclusion.

The changes include additional animatronics for new characters, both human and animal, as well as expanded storylines for the attraction.


Many of these additions and changes are also coming to the attraction in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. That version of the ride has remained open as the changes are being made.

According to Disney:

The “gnu” magic includes new adventures that stay true to the experience we know and love – more humor, more wildlife and skipper heart. At Disney Parks, we continue to look for ways to enhance classic attractions and elevate the experience for all of our guests.

The enhancements begin with a reimagined trapped safari scene, now with more detailed characterizations, each with their own props and costumes.

Scenes like this are filled with plenty of details to allow the ride’s skippers to add their own brand of humor when describing what can be seen.


In an effort to bring a “sense of inclusivity” to the attraction, Disney has changed certain scenes that contained negative depictions of natives.

The Trader Sam character from the ride’s conclusion has been replaced with the new “Trader Sam’s Gift Shop.”

The new scene is filled with unique props, scenery and even some curious animals, that should all give the skippers plenty of ammunition for new jokes.


Disney says there’s a chance for soft openings at the ride in Disneyland between now and the official reopening date of July 16th. These previews are not guaranteed however.