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Learn to Draw Mickey Mouse with a Disney Parks Artist at Home

By Mike, Theme Park Shark Author

Updated 9:12 PM EDT, Tue March 24, 2020

A Disney Parks Artist made a series on how to Draw Mickey Mouse and his various looks.

Disney cast member Stephen Ketchum has been drawing Mickey Mouse at Disney Parks for years and he has plenty of tips for artists of all skill levels.

Recently, he made a few tutorials which include learning to draw a vintage 1920’s Mickey, a more contemporary mouse, and the whimsical “pie-eyed Mickey”.

First tutorial to start ff is how to drawe Mickey as how he would appeared in the late 190s. Start with a simple circle and lightly-drawn curves to create the iconic mouse.

This tutorial is a drawing of a more modern Mickey with a similar process, just with a few different shapes added.

Create the perfect “pie-eyed” Mickey by started with an oval shape instead of a standard circle, followed by lightly-drawn curved lines.

Grab some paper and try your hand at Drawing these Iconic Mickey’s!

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