Disney has announced a selection of new food and drink items that guests can enjoy on their next trip to Walt Disney World and Disneyland resort at Blue Bayou and Flame Tree Barbecue.

The Blue Bayou Restaurant at Disneyland Park will feature new wine, beef, and cocktail beverages such as the specialty Hurricane Cocktail – a New Orleans staple!

At the restaurant, there will also be a new celebration sparkling wine package and lots of other non-alcoholic beverages.

Blue Bayou will not reopen when Disneyland does at the end of April but after at a yet-to-be-confirmed date by Disneyland.

At Downtown Disney District in Walt Disney World, guests will be able to taste a new panko-crusted dill pickle corn dog served with a side of peanut butter and a limited-time linguini dish served with kale and walnut pesto.

Another food item includes a delicious smoked ham, brie and mustard sauce sandwich with signature artisan bread.

Red Crowned Crane, Cotton Top Lagoon, The Loggerhead and Flamingo Cupcake.

At the Salt & Straw, there are some new “cereal-sly” delicious dessert and breakfast items including:

  • Pots of Gold & Rainbows—Whole-grain cereal in cream for that bottom-of-the-bowl sweetened milk before stirring in mountains of rainbow ’mallows.
  • OffLimits’ Dash Cold Brew Cocoa Crisps—Coffee and dessert all at once with this cold brew ice cream swirled with malty fudge and coffee and cocoa spheres enveloped in salty chocolate bark.
  • Peanut Butter Captain Munch—Dairy-free, starchy oat ice cream with peanut butter-coated cereal clusters and peanut butter swirl.
  • Snap ’N Crackle Marshmallow Treats—Brown butter treats pressed and toasted with marshmallow into a lacy Florentine in a rich, malty graham ice cream.
  • Cornflake Cookies with Marionberry Jam—Swirls of housemade marionberry jam with malty cereal-flecked ice cream and crumbled brown butter sugar cookies.

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, guests can mobile order a new sea turtle cupcake at Restaurantosaurus that includes key lime pie filling, and guava gelée with vanilla buttercream topped with a fruit snack sea turtle.

Guests who are looking to relax in the lounge, can enjoy a refreshing Crave the Wave Cocktail that consists of Vodka, blue curaçao, lemonade, and lemon wheel.

First Magnitude Draft, Lion’s Fury, Mother Earth and Yeti Sunset.

Moving onto the Flame Tree Barbecue, there is a new soft drink beverage and cupcake that are available through April 29:

  • The Loggerhead—Sour Apple Sprite with green sugar–rim, sour fruit snack worms, and a glow cube.
  • Flamingo Cupcake—Strawberry cake filled with strawberry compote, guava frosting, and strawberry crisp pearls topped with a sugar flamingo.

That is just a sample of some of the amazing new food and drink items that are available at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort, more information can be found on the D23 website and Disney Parks blog.