Alicia Stella

EPCOT’s all-new flagship store opened this week, along with the relocated Coca-Cola Club Cool, and we’ve got your complete photo tour!

Replacing the theme park’s Mouse Gear store, Creations Shop officially opened this week at EPCOT in the Walt Disney World Resort.

Alicia Stella

This new flagship store features a much more open floorplan, with easy to find sections, and even some unique art installations.

Cash registers and checkout lines can be found at both ends of the long retail location, making it easy to purchase your items.

There are large murals featuring Mickey Mouse designs above each of the areas, as well as interesting Mickey statues.

The modern art motif is continued on throughout the store, adding splashes of color in various sections.

The entire length of the outside wall is covered in large picture windows. These not only let in natural light, but will eventually offer incredible views of the rest of World Celebration after the transformation of EPCOT’s central area is complete.

An architectural callback to the original Comminicore and Innoventions corridors, there are large cylindrical shapes along the other side of the store’s ceiling.

In addition to the usual theme park merchandise that can be found around all of Walt Disney World, Creations Shop also offers unique EPCOT branded items, as well as some new items that are part of the limited edition “Light & Color Collection.”

Overall, the new store’s open floor plan makes navigating much easier than the previous store, even when it is crowded with shoppers at the end of the day.

As part of the new store opening, the breezeway from World Discovery (formerly known as Future World East) to World Celebration is now open. Although it dead ends after the entrance to Creations Shop.

Next door to this entrance to Creations Shop, just to the left, is the entrance to the new home of Club Cool Presented by Coca-Cola.

The entrance features glass made from recycled Coke bottles.

Just like before, this small store offers merchandise, sodas for sale, as well as free samples of Coke products from around the world.

All of the flavors have been replaced with new ones to try, except for Italy’s aperitif, Beverly, which has returned.

Here are closer looks at all of the flavors that are currently available for sampling.

Note that currently they are only allowing one party per station, so there may be a line to enter the new Club Cool location, and to get to a tasting station.

The new World Celebration Popcorn Stand also opened this week, just outside of Creations Shop.

The new Popcorn Stand is currently offering regular buttered popcorn, as well as ice cream bars and drinks.

EPCOT’s new flagship store, Creations Shop, and the new Club Cool are now open daily during theme park hours.