Alicia Stella

Cinderella Castle’s decor may be just about complete, but there are still several projects being worked on around Magic Kingdom, including Tron coaster construction and more.

Before you even get to the park, you may notice that the Transportation and Ticket Center area is receiving some new paint to match the resort’s 50th anniversary blue and gold color scheme.

At the park, the Main Street Train Station is currently hidden beneath scrims for a refurbishment. The train is still not running, after closing a couple years ago for construction of the new Tron roller coaster.

The Confectionery on Main Street is closed for refurbishment right now, but you can still find prepackaged treats for sale in the Main Street Cinema during the work.

Across Main Street, the Emporium just received this year’s Pride Month merchandise. Many of these items were announced by Disney this week, including new shirts, bags, and even a fold-out fan.

Cinderella Castle has been repainted with new colors for the resort’s 50th anniversary, which kicks off on October 1st of this year. They actually had to repaint the royal blue for the spires after they faded, however so far they appear to be holding out okay this time.

Recently, ornamental decor was added to the castle’s exterior. Beads, banners, and bunting now adorn the outside of the castle for the upcoming celebration.

From the side view you can really see how much decoration has been added to the castle.

Work is continuing on the castle stage.

In Fantasyland, work has wrapped up on the facade for It’s a Small World, but work is just getting underway across from that ride for the exterior of Peter Pan’s Flight.

The Peter Pan’s Flight sign has been temporarily replaced with a flat, canvas version.

Most of the exterior for Peter Pan’s Flight is hidden behind huge scrims while work is underway.

In Adventureland, work is ongoing for changes to the world-famous Jungle Cruise. The ride is open during this work.

The totem pole scene is missing its pole at this time, which temporarily has been replaced by a crate.

The Trader Sam scene is covered in camouflage netting while it is being prepared for an entirely new final scene featuring Trader Sam’s gift shop.

And finally, in Tomorrowland, work is continuing on the Tron Lightcycle / Run roller coaster.

On our way there, it looks like the Coke Cool Ship stand is receiving some new paint, and is surrounded by work walls.

The next photo shows as close as you can get to the Tron construction on foot in Tomorrowland, but the Peoplemover offers great views, now that the attraction has reopened after a year-long closure.


To get a good look at Tronstruction on foot, head to The Barnstormer kiddie coaster on the opposite side, just to the right of Fantasyland. There you’ll be able to see the entire work site.

It looks like some of the temporary supports that were used to keep the canopy in place while it was being constructed are coming down. Now half the canopy can support its own weight.

In addition to the canopy, it looks like work is continuing on the entrance and some of the queue areas.

Despite the fact that the track has been installed for awhile now, there does appear to be quite a bit of work left to complete.

This attraction is not expected to open until next year now, even though it was originally set to open in 2021.

Before we conclude today’s photo update, here’s a look at how they’re using ground markers to allows guests to get socially distanced meet and greet photos with characters in Tomorrowland!

Stay tuned for more theme park updates around Walt Disney World as we approach the resort’s 18-month long 50th anniversary celebration starting October 1st.