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Available in the Main Street Theater, the limited edition Vault Collection features replica opening day merchandise and more retro designs from the Walt Disney World’s first 50 years.

Guests visiting the Magic Kingdom in the heart of Walt Disney World during the resort’s 50th anniversary celebration can pick up merchandise designed to look like it did back in 1971 when the park first opened.

Alicia Stella

The Vault Collection can be found at the Main Street Theater, and features everything from vintage style Mickey and Minnie plush, and replica opening day Mouse Ear hats, to throwback t-shirt styles and nostalgic accessories.

Alicia Stella

You will find plenty of replica 1971 merchandise, including Mickey hats, kitchenware and pendants.

Cups, mugs, plates, salt & pepper shakers, bells, thimbles and collectible spoons are available that look just like they did when the park first opened.

But there are also some newer pieces of merchandise that have been designed to look retro, yet are new, like the Starbucks cups with a classic looking image.

There is a line of Preview Center merchandise, celebrating what was built before guests could even enter the park in 1971!

Recreations of early postcards from Walt Disney World are available as a box set, along with a license plate, stickers, patches and metal sign set.

You can even purchase a classic Mickey Mouse back scratcher!

There are multiple t-shirts available, featuring vintage designs and classic attractions, including Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

You can get a vintage style Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse doll, featuring Walt Disney World 50th anniversary packaging.

And it wouldn’t be full collection of souvenirs without some collectible pins, buttons and keychains.

While the Vault Collection only just debuted this month, they have already sold out of the opening day Magic Kingdom park map replicas, and there is no word on whether or not they will get more in stock.

Alicia Stella
Alicia Stella

The collection may continue through the 18-month long World’s Most Magical Celebration at Walt Disney World, but there is no guarantee that all items will be available the whole time, as these items are all limited edition!