According to the Orange County Register, California state assembly members have proposed a bill that would assist in reopening theme parks.

Many theme parks including Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood have remained closed for the entirety of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Areas of the Downtown Disney District have been allowed to re-open, but California has remained very strict on not permitting outdoor theme parks to re-open.

“As a veteran of the theme park industry, I intimately understand their operations, their procedures, and their ability to move people and keep them safe,” Martinez-Valladares said in a statement.

“The industry, and Six Flags Magic Mountain in my district, has been closed for nearly a year, while parks in other states have been open to the public and serving them safely.”

The bill proposed by state members would override California Governor Gavin Newsom’s guidelines and will allow theme parks to re-open in the same tier.

It is very likely that if the bill does not pass, Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood will remain closed throughout the summer.