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TRON Lightcycle Power Run – New Roller Coaster Construction Update #1 – September 2020 at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdon

By Jay, Theme Park Shark Author

Updated 1:19 PM EDT, Wed September 9, 2020

Progress is pretty far along on the new TRON Lightcycle Power Run attraction at Magic Kingdom! We figured now would be the perfect time to begin showing the construction progress and begin our official update series of this new coaster.

For this update, we are going to be primarily looking at the outdoor portion of the coaster. There is a lot happening inside the show building that we can not capture from outside in the park. From this side, it appears that crews are working to get the show building complete.

Construction crews have been working on the canopy that will cover the outdoor portion of the ride. This canopy is sure to be an icon of Tomorrowland!

Crews were working on the structure that will connect the “glass canopy” to the already-in-place structure. We noticed lots of welding on the beams that will hold the lit panels. It still looks like there will be a fair amount of work to do here before this goes up.

From this angle, we can even see the elevated platform that guests will climb up to get a better view of the coaster and enter the queue. I personally can’t wait to hear the Daft Punk score as I ride on a Lightcycle. Tron: Legacy is one of my favorite movies, so this will really be a dream come true.

Are you excited to ride on a Lightcylce? Let us know below!

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