Fireworks light up the night sky above Cinderella Castle at the tip of Main Street, USA which is decorated with illuminated Mickey Mouse lanterns.

Walt Disney World is looking to expand their firework display team as a new job opening for a Principal Fireworks Designer has appeared.

The job description states that the designer “serves as the creative leader and overall representative for the Disney Live Entertainment Fireworks & Special Effects Design department”.

“The demands of this role require an in-depth understanding of the design intent and the ability for realizing it through the effective execution of the creative process.”

“As the leader, the Fireworks & Special Effects Principal Designer directs all special effects design (including pyrotechnics), helping to prioritize, organize and problem solve during the entire course of a project.”

Some responsibilities for the candidate who is successful in working as the designer include:

  • Participate in project’s creative development including blue sky brainstorming, project kick-offs, internal reviews and other project specific check-ins.
  • Develop and/or execute special effects designs for live shows and facility infrastructure when required.
  • Direct the Special Effects Designers’ plan and execution for new shows and remounts.
  • Be an engaged leader of special effects technology research and development efforts participating as necessary with other Company technology divisions.
  • Maintain a strong relationship with fireworks compound, safety, purchasing, vendors and interface with governmental agencies in approving/permitting effects uses by Walt Disney World.

The role of Principal Fireworks Designer was previously held by Brad Cicotti. Cicotti worked on several of the pyrotechnic elements for Walt Disney World’s recent firework shows.

The job listing also reveals that the successful candidate will need to effectively orchestrate activities and team dynamics and many other leadership skills.