EPCOT’s new show named ‘Harmonious’ has work still continuing at Walt Disney World as part of plans for the transformation of EPCOT.

Zach Riddley, a Walt Disney World Site Portfolio Executive and part of the Walt Disney Imagineering team said on the Disney Parks blog that “EPCOT has always been a special place where the world comes together to celebrate human achievement.”

He reveals that the team at Walt Disney World are hard at work at putting ‘Harmonious’ together.

“This grand, original spectacular is a tribute to the power of story and song that unite us, leveraging music and visuals from across Disney and artists around the world.”

‘Harmonious’ at EPCOT

Walt Disney World is yet to announce a date for when the new nighttime spectacular will debut at EPCOT.

Riddley also said that “Harmonious is a global effort, truly embracing the magic of possibility.”

“In recent weeks, Disney Live Entertainment technical designers across the country have been programming various elements of the show, from media and fountains to lighting and pyrotechnics, working in a completely virtual environment.”

“Our music producers at Walt Disney Imagineering have been remotely directing recording sessions with an incredibly diverse array of musical artists, performing in studios around the world.”

The spectacular once complete, will be one of the largest nighttime shows that Walt Disney World has ever produced.