While originally planned for a Summer opening, Universal Studios Japan has now said they are postponing the new land’s grand opening, for now. But, what else do we know about Super Nintendo World?

Universal Studios Japan has issued an official statement regarding the opening of Super Nintendo World:

Regarding “SUPER NINTENDO WORLD” which had been announced to be opened before Tokyo Olympics, we will announce its grand opening timing in this fall, after carefully considering the alignment with the conditions of capacity expansion in moving forward.

Internally, there has been talk stating the park would like to have the land open in 2020, but the statement certainly sounds like the final decision has not yet been made.

Regardless of when it’s going to open, a ton of work has recently been done to put the finishing touches on what we can see at Super Nintendo World.

Just in the last few days we’ve seen even more of the animated figures and moving objects being tested around the land.

The theme park reopened to all guests recently, and many have taken to social media to share images and video of what they’re seeing.

In the video below you can spot Spinning Coins, pacing Koopa Shells, waving Piranha Plants, and a wandering Yoshi just to name a few!


Last month a sign went up near the walkway heading towards the land, and even though it’s covered in a red tarp, you can clearly see that it says Super Nintendo World!

New photos now show that another sign has been installed as well. This one is right at the land’s main entry through the green pipe.

Sign at the land’s main entrance

Entering this green pipe will take you to the land. As you make your way through it, the green warp pipe will lead into the lobby for Princess Peach’s Castle.

Then you’ll be able to walk out of the castle, and into the land. Crazily you will start off on the second level for the land when you first enter!

Across the way you’ll have a great view of the Yoshi ride and Bowser’s Fortress, where the Mario Kart ride is located.

Entrance to the Mario Kart ride will be through Bowser’s Fortress

Mario Kart

As the main attraction for the new land, the Mario Kart ride is expected to be an impressive, high tech E-ticket that should knock your socks off.

We know from construction progress photos that the entire first level of the massive show building will be for just the ride.

The ride’s entrance, queue, gift shop and other areas are all located on the building’s second level. This means the ride should be massive.

According to recent rumors, we’re expecting this ride to feature more than a dozen scenes, taking riders through some of the most popular courses from the Mario Kart video games.

The ride will feature a dual track design, so two cars can “race” side by side for the entire duration.

Unlike some rumors floating around, the ride will NOT be a roller coaster. Instead it will be a dark ride that families will be able to enjoy together.

Mario Kart is also expected to include fully-fleshed out sets and moving props, animatronic characters, and mind-blowing special effects to blend it all together.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the designers are also working on perfecting an Augmented Reality feature where riders will be able to collect virtual special items, like Koopa Shells, that they would then be able to throw at the other car.

Imagine being struck by a make-believe shell, and feeling it when your car actually wipes out!

Yoshi peaking out from behind a bush above his ride’s entrance

Yoshi’s Adventure

The other ride set to open with the land is Yoshi’s Adventure.

This will be an omnimover-style attraction, which means the ride vehicles are always moving around the track, just like the upcoming Secret Life of Pets ride at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Although, unlike that ride, where you ride inside a ride vehicle shaped like a cardboard box, this on will have you riding inside of a Yoshi.

Just like the Pets ride, Yoshi will only hold two riders per vehicle.

Yoshi will have its load platform upstairs, but the entrance to the ride is on the lower level.

Most of the ride takes place outside, with views overlooking the land, however there is one indoor scene.

We still aren’t sure what will happen during the inside segment, but there are rumors that we may see baby Mario and baby Peach, or other characters from Yoshi games.

If you look closely, you can see baby Yoshis at the end of the recent video of the land posted above.

Recent aerial overview of Super Nintendo World

Toad’s Cafe and More

The land is also expected to open with a counter service restaurant themed as Toad’s home, with a big red toadstool as the entrance.

“Toad’s Cafe,” as it is called in early plans, will be the land’s only inside dining location, and is located on the lower level.

While we’re still not sure what it’ll serve, I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like mushroom pizza to be on the menu, perhaps?

The land’s main gift shop is also located on the lower level. Rumors suggest some sort of build-your-own type souvenir for this sales location.

And there will also be character meet and greets, with Princess Peach meeting by her castle upstairs, and Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi meeting in the center courtyard on the lower level.

Moving objects seen above the land’s interactive areas

Interactive Elements

Earlier this year, Universal Studios Japan announced how guests will be able to interact with the land using something called Power-Up Bands.

These interactive wristbands will be available for purchase when you arrive.

After you pair them to the app you’ll be allowed to play special mini-games around the land, collect coins, and earn achievements!

Another interactive element around the land will be Augmented Reality viewers.

These special binoculars will allow you to see the world with additional elements added on top of reality!

Since these types of interactivity may require guests to be in close contact, like when working together on the announced “Boss Battles,” or when touching and using objects like the viewers, it’s possible that they may not open with the land for safety reasons.

It’s also possible that these types of aspects of the new land might possibly be part of the reasoning for holding off on opening at this time.

Some of the designs for the Power-Up Bands

Future Expansion

It’s been highly rumored that after the first phase for Super Nintendo World is open, they will immediately start work on a phase 2.

This would be located in the back-right section of the land, just to the right of the Mario Kart ride building and behind the Yoshi ride area.

The most commonly rumored concept for the area is for a mini land based on Donkey Kong Country.

The area in question is exactly the same shape and size as the plans for the version of the land designed for Orlando.

The main attraction for this area would be the Donkey Kong Mine Cart Madness roller coaster/dark ride hybrid. This ride would have us zooming around in mine carts that appear to jump over gaps in the track.

While a large portion of the coaster would take place outside, more than half would be placed indoors, and contain animatronic characters, fire effects, and other special effects to help flesh out the show scenes.

We can see a jungle-style painted mural along the side wall of the Mario Kart ride building that is facing this area, so there is a good chance that Donkey Kong is in this land’s future, eventually.


With the global pandemic going on there’s no telling when the land may officially open.

They’re not going to want to open the land officially until they’re able to increase the theme park’s capacity, otherwise the demand will be much higher than what they can currently accommodate safely.

The good news is, not only does construction seem to be wrapping up in Japan, but construction for the version of Super Nintendo World in Hollywood is still ongoing.

Hopefully that means that we’ll be able to experience the Mario Kart ride here in the States within the next couple years ourselves!

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Are you excited to be able to enter the Mushroom Kingdom yourself when the land finally opens?