While originally set to open over the summer, NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell has revealed that Super Nintendo World is now set to officially open early 2021.

The world’s first Super Nintendo World was originally set to open at Universal Studios Japan this past summer. However, due to Coronavirus concerns, the grand opening was delayed. While the company had not issued a new opening date, they did tell us that they intend to reveal more details in the Fall.

Last week, in an internal email sent to NBCUniversal employees, CEO Jeff Shell did say that they are looking forward to “opening Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan early next year.”

This news may put the opening earlier than some analysts were predicting. Rumors had the highly immersive theme park land opening around the summer of 2021, in time for the rescheduled Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Even though the land itself is thought to be complete, testing of specific effects and moving figures seems to still be going on. In the video below you can see a new effect that was recently added to a falling Thwomp figure in the land.


Super Nintendo World is expected to open with two rides, interactive game areas, and a quick service restaurant. The land’s main attraction, Mario Kart, will be an interactive dark ride that many think will incorporate Augmented Reality in some way. The other attraction will be a family ride where you get to ride around a section of the land in a colorful Yoshi.


While Universal Studios Japan has reopened to guests after a brief closure due to safety concerns related to the global pandemic, the country itself is still closed to outside visitors. Many are wondering if Universal is expecting the embargo on international travel to be lifted before debuting Super Nintendo World.

A variation of Super Nintendo World is also being built at Universal Studios Hollywood. Plus, more are planned for Universal parks in Orlando and Singapore, although construction for those locations has not yet begun.


NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell also spoke about Universal Beijing Resort in the company email, saying “we remain on schedule and on budget for a 2021 opening of Universal Beijing, which is just remarkable.”

He also admitted that while attendance is down since reopening the theme parks, guest satisfaction scores are at an all time high. He continued:

It is actually a great time to go to a Universal Theme Park. We are operating safely and without the typical number of guests because we are carefully managing attendance. The financial impact at our parks has been significant and given the state of the broader tourism and travel market, it will take time to regain our momentum…


You can see our previous story for more details on the attractions of Super Nintendo World. Stay tuned right here to the Theme Park Shark for continuing updates on the land, including details on its upcoming grand opening.

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