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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Alton Towers Scarefest – The Attic: Terror of the Towers Maze Review

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Yesterday, I decided to visit a theme park that is the UK’s most popular and visited – Alton Towers! (I’m lucky that it’s also only a short car journey from where I live!) Every year, Alton Towers host their annual “Scarefest” event in the month of October for Halloween.

This year, guests visiting the famous resort could experience five scary mazes located in the Forbidden Valley. These were called “The Attic: Terror of the Towers”, “Project 42”, “Sub Species – The End Games”, “Altonville Mine Tours” and “Darkest Depths”.

During my visit, I bought a ticket to experience “The Attic: Terror of the Towers” maze located inside the Alton Towers within the Alton Towers Theme Park. A little bit of history for those who do not know – Alton Towers was originally a country estate built in the 1800s.

Unfortunately, Alton Towers have strict policies on no cameras on rides or mazes so I not able to film a POV of the maze but I did manage to take some photographs before entering the maze. After you have provided your ticket outside the entrance, you walk into a small conservatory which isn’t short of ghostly lights and spooky soundtracks playing.

Before you move into the library, a very creepy man walks up and down the room within the Towers scaring anyone who looks at him in a strange way! If you look closely in the below photograph, you will see his figure in the foggy distance.

There are also a lot of very old looking furniture in the room which I swear was moving by itself slightly but thinking back now, maybe I was a little paranoid.

Once you enter the maze, you are walking constantly for what feels like 30 minutes but is probably only 7. There are several creepy actors dressed up as possessed children and adults making you jump and screaming at you. It is also extremely dark and the only way you can follow the maze to keep going is to run your hand along the wall so that you know where the turnings are!

As well as the creepy actors, there are all sorts of spooky objects inside the maze such as creaking toy horses and floorboards, fireplaces with smoke coming out of and flashing lights which gives the illusion of the actors just appearing out of nowhere in front if you with their terrifying face masks.

Overall it is quite frightening and it’s not recommended for the faint-hearted! This is my third time going to the Scarefest event at Alton Towers, I would highly recommend it if any of you are thinking of visiting the UK next October.

Even in the general, Alton Towers is a fantastic theme park which rides included the worlds first vertical drop rollercoaster and a rollercoaster with over 14 loops – The Smiler!

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Tom Hartley

Tom Hartley

Tom is a theme park fanatic hailing all the way across the pond in the United Kingdom.

After visiting and experiencing everything that the theme park's offer in the UK, he has concluded his favourite to be Alton Towers located in Staffordshire.

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