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A Day in the Park with Barney Closes Permanently at Universal Orlando

By Alicia Stella, Theme Park Shark Author

Updated 9:40 AM EDT, Fri February 5, 2021

Alicia Stella

Universal Orlando has confirmed that the long-running Barney show will not be returning at Universal Studios Florida, but what could replace it?

A family-friendly stage show and indoor play area for preschool-age kids, “A Day in the Park with Barney” opened at Universal Studios Florida in 1995. The show ran until last year when the theme parks closed in March due to the pandemic shutdown.

While the show did briefly reopen when the parks opened a few months later, it shut down again in August of 2020. It was originally announced that this closure would only be temporary, Universal Orlando has now confirmed that the show will in fact not be returning.


Since the show closed again back in August, Barney and his friends were meeting with guests and entertaining families in the KidZone area of the park.

However, suspicions that something may be wrong started to crop up when Barney and friends stopped making appearances in the new year.

With the show now confirmed to not be returning, many are left wondering if this could spell the beginning of the end of the KidZone area in general.

The land has been criticized in recent years for featuring outdated attractions based on characters that are no longer relevant to the youth of today, (including Spielberg’s animated film “An American Tail: Fievel Goes West”).

This is not the first show at the resort to be closed in recent years without an announced replacement. “The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad” stunt show closed permanently at Islands of Adventure two years ago, and its stage has sat vacant ever since.

Just a few days ago it was announced that the Blue Man Group show will not be returning at Universal CityWalk.

Alicia Stella

Many believe the “Fear Factor Live” show at Universal Studios Florida will also not return. It has been closed since last year, but unlike Barney, it’s still listed as “Temporarily Closed” on the official website.

These shows may be closing for various reasons, and Universal Orlando may have planned attractions to take over their areas someday—but maybe not necessarily someday soon.

Barney show removed from closed attractions list, but Fear Factor remains

After some of the pyrotechnic effects were removed from the Sindbad theater, the rest of the sets and show equipment have remained seemingly untouched for over two years.

It seems that Universal is not ready to spend any money on these dead venues, until the moment they’re ready to replace them.

There have been rumors for Pokemon to take over the KidZone area in Universal Studios Florida, where Barney was located, and Zelda to take over the Lost Continent in Islands of Adventure, where the former Sindbad show was located.

Until Universal is ready to greenlight these—or some other attractions—they could continue to sit vacant indefinitely.

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Alicia Stella

Alicia Stella

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