One of the lands opening with Epic Universe is rumored to feature Frankenstein’s monster and more, but what do we really know about this area?

First announced in August 2019, and under construction now, Universal’s Epic Universe will be the company’s largest U.S. theme park.

So far we’ve talked about the only confirmed land for the new park, Super Nintendo World. Today we are breaking down what we expect to see at the Universal Monsters land, based on permits filed with Orange County, rumors and early information.

Universal Orlando
Official concept art for Universal’s Epic Universe

Located in the north-west corner of the new theme park, this land is rumored to be themed after the village from the classic Frankenstein films.

With a windmill in one corner, and Frankenstein’s laboratory in another, we can imagine an old Bavarian town just like the film sets from the original Universal Monsters movies.

Martin Turnbull
Frankenstein village set at Universal Studios backlot early 1930s

Listed as Project 902 in the permits, site plans for this area seem to show two larger buildings, which may be for attractions, as well as smaller structures listed as restaurants and shopping.

A retail spot in the center of the land seems to be themed as multiple storefronts from the outside, but is connected on the inside.

A large restaurant on the right as soon as you enter the land is listed as having over 360 seats, while a smaller one in the back of the area only has 64 seats.

Orlando ParkStop
Permitted site plan with colors and labels added

The attraction building shown in red above is rumored to be some sort of show or theater production. Not much is known about this attraction, (and there have even been rumors that it could possibly be cut from the plans before major construction).

The larger attraction building, shown in blue, is rumored to be the land’s main ride. It could be themed as Dr. Frankenstein laboratory on the exterior, and guests may have a chance to come face to face with ALL of the Universal Classic Monsters on the ride inside.

Dynamic Structures
G3 RoboCoaster Concept

One of the rumored ride concepts for this attraction includes the use of KUKA arm technology, similar to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

The ride system, which attaches seats to a moving robot arm mounted to a base that glides along a track, already offers unique ride sensations. However, rumors have said that this new ride could possibly use the next generation of this ride system: the G3 RoboCoaster.

Dynamic Structures
G3 RoboCoaster Concept

The G3 version not only glides along a track, but the track can now have elevation changes. This means that unlike Forbidden Journey, where the track is along the same level, you could travel up or down curved sections of track as needed, adding an extra dimension to a ride.

This information has not yet been confirmed, but if true it could help set this new attraction apart from the company’s earlier use of a KUKA ride system.
Future home of Epic Universe theme park

The site plans for Project 902 also list a large swath of land on the east side of the area earmarked for future expansion, (shown in green on the map image above).

This nearly 3.5 acre section, labeled “Phase 2,” is rumored to be planned as a boat ride themed to Creature from the Black Lagoon, although no specific details have been rumored for what that could entail.

While we have seen site plans and permits for this area, there are still plenty of details we have yet to learn or confirm about the land that many believe will be based on the Universal Monsters.

Construction on Epic Universe is ongoing, and after a pause last year due to the pandemic, is expected to ramp up in the months ahead.

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