The first big sign that activity is starting back up at the Epic Universe construction site, track pieces for one of the rides have shown up, along with more materials!

Universal Orlando’s next theme park will be its largest, and they’re ramping up construction after pausing last year due to the pandemic.

This new theme park isn’t much to look at yet, with mostly nothing there but dirt and access roads at this time. However, thanks to new aerial photographs by the Twitter user Bioreconstruct, we’re able to see that if you look closely, some extremely exciting materials are starting to arrive.
Aerial view of future home of Epic Universe, Super Nintendo World expected at bottom of photo

To the excitement of those that have been following the project closely, we saw would could be the first pieces of ride track on site yesterday.

The light green track appears to be the exact same track style as used in the construction of Yoshi’s Adventure at Universal Studios Japan.

Yoshi’s Adventure is a family omnimover ride at Super Nintendo World, and one of the attractions expected to open with Universal’s Epic Universe.
Track now seen being staged at Epic Universe construction site

According to shipping reports, which you can see here, it appears that this track may have made its way here all the way from Japan, after being produced by Sansei Technologies.

Those same reports refer to the project as P904, which according to permits, is the project code for Super Nintendo World at Epic Universe.


Some have pointed out that The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash uses a similar track style and ride system, but that attraction’s track was black in color when being installed at Universal Studios Hollywood. Plus, as noted above, the shipping report seems to indicate this track is for Epic Universe’s Nintendo-themed land.

These track pieces aren’t the only new activity we’re seeing at the upcoming theme park’s site though. Nearby, what appears to be large temporary pools of some sort have been installed as well, and lots of activity is happening in the park’s backstage area.
Large pools constructed at Epic Universe site

The backstage area already includes a parking lot, which worksite employees can use, but will also include many warehouses that will be utilized during ongoing work.

Other facilities will be constructed in this large backstage area behind the Epic Universe theme park, which is located near the Orange County Convention Center a few miles south of the current resort.

These new facilities being built at Epic Universe will become the new home to some of the offices and support buildings currently located at the current resort.
Work ramping up in backstage areas

Work will likely ramp up for these backstage areas first, before major construction begins on the theme park itself.

New building materials and additional pipes have also appeared on site, as well as what appears to be test pieces meant to test paints and other materials against the harsh Florida weather over time before they’re used in the real construction later.
Arrow pointing to possible materials tests to see how they fare in the elements

The new theme park is rumored to contain several lands based on properties like Nintendo, DreamWorks, Harry Potter and more.

Be sure to check out our recent story for rumors and speculation on what else the park could offer, and when it might be opening.