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Islands Of Adventure Jurassic Roller Coaster Construction Update – September 9th, 2020

By Jay, Theme Park Shark Author

Updated 11:52 PM EDT, Wed September 9, 2020

Construction is moving along on the new roller coaster at Islands Of Adventure. The new coaster is being built in the Jurassic Park section of the Orlando theme park.

The coaster is truly looking better than ever! More theming appears each and every day, making it more immersive and convincing to the world of Jurassic Park.

Another milestone has been reached on the site of the new ride. The main crane is now being removed. The crane helped put in place a lot of the main pieces of coaster track. The crane was also responsible for placing steel on the main building.

Project 791! This is the Project number Universal has attached to this project.

Work on the queue building has continued. More primer is being added to the building as they prepare to paint it. You can also see in the last photo a beam with “Univ P791.” This is the first reference that we’ve seen to the internal name Universal has given this project.

We noticed that more concrete pylons have been added and the “electric fence” theming will go throughout this area.

Here’s another look at one of the pylons. It looks like construction workers have brought a sneetch with them!

Crews added theming around the launch tunnel. This makes us believe the coaster will be “breaking out” of the raptor paddock. Fencing material also looks to be going around the launch opening.

As we have shown before, this is a dam section. Universal can use this to easily lower the water in the area and work on the coaster support beams when needed.

In our last update, we saw fencing lying around. Now, it appears to have gone up. This looks fantastic! I wonder if it can keep a Velociraptor in there…

More foliage is going in the attraction. This will give the ride much more of an island theme. Bamboo, trees, and shrubs, seem to be planted anywhere Universal can find room.

Most of the rockwork has been covered as crews finish the plaster and painting.

This coaster honestly looks impressive from all angles. I personally can’t wait for this to open. I am excited to see what surprises Universal Creative has in store for us!

Want to see this update in video form? We have you covered. Check out the video above!

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