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Indominus rex on Jurassic World: The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood

Jurassic World: The Ride has soft opened during the Taste of Universal event at Universal Studios Hollywood, revealing the final version of the attraction.

Guests visiting Universal Studios Hollywood for the Taste of Universal food event were treated to a chance to ride the updated version of Jurassic World: The Ride today. This version of the attraction was meant to open last year, but was not able to due to unforeseen park closures due to the pandemic.

The new version of the attraction features a new massive, and incredibly impressive, Indominus rex animatronic for its finale. The 55-foot long animatronic seemingly walks in before attempting to eat some of the riders before she’s interrupted by the T-Rex, who saves the day right before the boat ride’s final plunge.

The ride originally opened in 2019 before this final I-Rex animatronic was completed. Instead, a smaller version was installed for the ride’s finale. It appears that the smaller version of the fearsome dinosaur has found her new, permanent home at the end of the Predator Cove scene.

Now, the Indominus can be seen a total of three times on the attraction, giving the feeling that she’s hunting you throughout the ride.

Other changes to this version of the ride include the return of the fighting Compys, and the addition of a gyrosphere. These can be found in the Predator Cove scene, replacing the dead pteranodons.

Check out the video above for a complete look at the new version of the attraction.

The ride isn’t set to officially open until the park opens to the public on April 16, but it is possible that guests may have a chance to see it early if soft openings continue, (also known as technical rehearsals by Universal).

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