Alicia Stella

This year’s Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store has officially opened, featuring eerily themed rooms, event merchandise and exclusive treats.

Starting today, all guests can visit this year’s Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store.

Located in the New York section of Universal Studios Florida, this highly themed retail experience features 4 rooms filled with spooky decorations, event merchandise and treats you can’t find anywhere else.

This year the Tribute Store is themed as a haunted house, with rooms designed as a parlor, library, conservatory and the stables. As guests get deeper into the building, a story starts to emerge, revealing connections to HHN lore.

The first room features a large bear statue, likely a tribute to what has been dubbed the “HHN Bear.” In here you can find general event merchandise, as well as Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein items.

The store is also filled with plenty of props, models and concept art from past years of the event. 2021 is celebrating 30 years of Halloween Horror Nights, and while it is subtle, you will find nods to every year in here.

The next room pays tribute to the icons of Halloween Horror Nights. Each icon has a bust and a lit portrait in this room, with Jack the Clown receiving the best tribute above the mantle.

You can find more general event and icons merchandise in this large room, as well as masks and hats, Universal Monsters merch, and Chucky.

A hallway featuring photographs of real people that purchased a spot during a recent promotion connects the second and third rooms. The portraits have been edited to make them appear old-timey.

The third room is themed as a rotting conservatory, with plants taking over and breaking through the glass windows. Here is where you’ll find all things Beetlejuice.

The final room, as has become tradition, features snacks and exclusive treats you’ll only find at the HHN Tribute Store.

Themed as stables and a carriage house behind the haunted house itself, you’ll realize that the theme for this year’s Tribute Store is actually related to the Shadybrook Home for the Criminally Insane, a location that has been used multiple times for mazes and scare zones at the event.

In addition to the popular beating heart gummies, this year is also offering a light up brain gummy. Both are available for $7.00 each.

In addition to all of the yummy looking goodies in the dessert case, the store also offers prepackaged snacks, including the fudge found at the Boutique store at Islands of Adventure, bagged flavored popcorn, candy bars and much more.

On the way out of this year’s Tribute Store, you’ll find one more display of the carriage from the Shadybrook Home for the Criminally Insane… Only this time, it looks like it has crashed, right in Carey, Ohio. Oh no, I wonder who may have escaped!

The HHN Tribute Store will be open everyday during the day, and in the evenings on event nights, from now through Halloween.

Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights begins Friday, September 3 and runs select nights through Sunday, October 31.