Soft openings for Universal’s highly anticipated Jurassic World VelociCoaster, have begun.

If you happen to catch the ride while it’s operating under technical rehearsals, you’ll get the opportunity to experience the “ultimate high-speed chase” that the one-of-a-kind rollercoaster showcases.

A sign on display outside the attraction’s entrance explained that it is in technical rehearsal.

This means that the ride may operate intermittently throughout the day and not all elements my be functioning.

Universal also said that no express access for the attraction is available during the technical rehearsal.

The new ride is located at Universal’s Island of Adventure and is scheduled to open fully on June 10.

Returning on June 10th is the only way to guarantee a ride as soft openings can be intermittent until then.

It features two high-speed launches powered by linear synchronous motors, a signature 155-foot-tall top hat, several inversions, and a maximum speed of 70 mph.