A new store at CityWalk Orlando, named the Universal Legacy Store, has now opened to guests after a quick refurbishment. Changes to this store include a new sign and merchandise.

Jay/Theme Park Shark

The site was formerly the Universal Studios Store but has now been completely transformed and refurbished into the brand new Universal Legacy Store.


We were super excited to make our way into this store and see all of the retro offerings. Most of the retro merchandise, available on both coasts that we previewed a few months back in Hollywood, has been moved into this store in Orlando! A fitting place for this new (yet old) retro merchandise to be!

Jay/Theme Park Shark

The store will feature nostalgic and retro merchandise tailored to past Universal films and projects including Back to the Future and Jaws.

Jay/Theme Park Shark

Updates to the Universal Legacy Store now include a new logo including a Hollywood and Universal font, and crates inside marked “Hollywood” and “Scenic Dept” to add to the theming of this new nostalgic store.

Previously across the store, old Universal Studios Store logos were visible but it now appears that these logos have been replaced by a simple “Universal” logo. Let us know your thoughts on this store in the comments below!