We ventured out to Universal’s Islands Of Adventure to check out the latest construction progress on Orlando’s newest coaster rumored to be named the Velocicoaster.

While Universal has not yet announced this project, there has been a massive amount of development since the parks closed, and boy am I excited to ride!

Our first look gives us an overall view of some of the new elements of the coaster:

The over-the-water Heartline Roll shown above is going to be one of the best parts of this ride if you ask me. You can also see a small piece of theming directly behind the track.

The recently added stall looks stunning. It will be a standout section of the ride, sure to make it stand out from anything else in the state of Florida. The coaster is going to give some stunning views of Islands Of Adventure.

Finishing up the elements near the edge of the water, there is a substantial banked turn, which looks exhilarating.

Above, you can see the bottom of the Top hat, which is currently being installed, with most of the footers in place. Let us take a look at the Top hat itself as it is the tallest element of the ride and looks incredible.

Theming elements around the lagoon have also begun to appear. We believe that these are most likely for an electric fence style structure that may wrap around the entire coaster.

Let’s now take a look at the large and imposing new structure which we believe will most likely be the beginning of the ride, and possibly even a small show scene.

Looking at the backside, you can see what appears to be the main station of the coaster, and a transfer track for when they need to load a new train or bring one in for maintenance.

Wrapping up, take a look at what is possibly the entrance of the coaster from inside Jurassic Park/World.

One thing is for sure, this coaster is going to be a massive imposing structure that you will be able to see from nearly everywhere in the park. ‘

That’s going to do it for this update. We hope you enjoyed and will join us again for our next update from inside the park! Be sure to let us know, are you excited to ride this new addition?