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Universal Studios Florida: Scarecrow Stalk Scavenger Hunt Complete Guide

By Jay, Theme Park Shark Author

Updated 4:39 PM EDT, Mon September 21, 2020

Universal Studios Florida Halloween Scavenger Hunt
Universal Studios Florida Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Universal Orlando is currently testing a day time Halloween event. One of the new activities for guests is a Halloween themed scavenger hunt throughout Universal Studios Florida.

During your hunt, you will be in search of 13 differently themed scarecrows. Guests who complete the task are given a free bag of candy at the end.

This scavenger hunt is free to participate in and it is a great way to get in the spirit of Universal’s “Halloween Horror Days” — as we like to call them! Universal’s 2020 Halloween event only took place on September 19 and 20.

Now, we are waiting to see if Universal Orlando will extend this awesome Halloween experience! You will notice that the pamphlet above lists September 18 – November 1 so we are hopeful that the event will continue.

Your hunt begins by snagging an Event Map at any of the Scarecrow locations. These locations are generally found in the Gift Shops throughout Universal Studios Florida.

I’d personally recommend starting your hunt in the Universal Studios Store, located at the front of the park.

The first scarecrow we are highlighting is located in the store at the exit to Revenge Of The Mummy. I also love the [Ghostly Swoosh] written on the cup of coffee!

This leprechaun in the Irish Shop was super creepy, and even had tiny tooth fairies around him!

This scarecrow is just about as dead as Supercharged currently is. I loved the buttons on his jacket.

This alien scarecrow is probably my favorite of all of them. He’s super original and looks fantastic.

In the San Francisco Candy Factory, this scarecrow/skeleton had his eyes coming out of his head! Maybe it was too much sugar.

This robot skeleton was probably my second favorite. It’s amazing how themed and well done some of these are!

This pirate in the Spongebob SquarePants gift shop is very well themed, and fits the Spongebob theme very well.

In the Jason Bourne gift shop, also known as five and dime, guests are greeted by a skeleton scarecrow themed to dracula.

In the Shrek gift shop, you can find what I would refer to as a true scarecrow. It looks very cool!

In The Film Vault we found this mummy like skeleton. His hands and feet were ridiculously big. He looked terrifying!

Seeing a scarecrow location in Super Silly Fun Land (the Despicable Me gift shop) confused me a bit but when I saw it I was thrilled to see it wouldn’t scare the kids too much.

Possibly the oddest, weirdest, and most original Scarecrow comes in the form of a Snake-like Woman? We thought this took the cake for being the most original!

The last scarecrow (and biggest) was in the Universal Studios main gift shop. He absolutely towers over guests and has a pumpkin on his head!

Once we completed the scavenger hunt. we proceeded to the candy store at the front of the park to secure our bag of candy! We were given three selections of candy.

We decided on gummy worms by recommendation of the woman working in the shop.

Overall, I’d highly recommend going and doing this hunt at Universal. We had a lot of fun exploring the gift shops that we typically don’t go into.

It was also cool to see scenic designers have a chance to shine this year despite the pandemic. It took us just over an hour to walk around and get everything completed.

As long as Universal decided to extend this event, make sure to check out the Scarecrow Stalk on your next visit to Universal Studios Florida.

We also filmed a video walk through of all of the Scarecrows featured in this article, be sure to check it out:

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