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Islands Of Adventure Jurassic Coaster Construction Update – Track Completed

By Jay, Theme Park Shark Author

Updated 9:10 AM EDT, Sat September 5, 2020

Construction on the new “Velocicoaster” project at Islands Of Adventure has hit another milestone; the entire track run has been completed. Construction progress on this new attraction has been going very quickly, and finishing the track course is an exciting milestone.

Another change that we noticed is a blue film added around the peak of the top hat. This is most likely due to the Osprey claiming home to the tall structure.


More theming has also been appearing around the attraction. We noticed that there appears to be more “electric fence” type structures popping up around the lagoon side of the coaster.

Looking towards the inside portion of the queue we can see that paint is being added to the building to give it a better look. We are also able to see that not too much progress is happening inside of the rumored queue building.

Looking at the coaster from within Jurassic Park we can see that rockwork is really starting to take over this project. Lots of near-miss elements and rocks that are nearly as tall as the coaster itself have been added.

It’s truly amazing how well engineered this project is, as you are getting extremely close to the rockwork.

A few weeks ago Universal Team Members got to participate in a special event where they could sign a piece of steel that would be used within the attraction. That said location is at the entrance, where we can see these beams with signatures covering nearly every inch.

Fence theming around the paddock areas is also beginning to appear around select portions of the track.

To see more of the progress that we saw during this update we have a video over on our second YouTube channel “More Shark” which shows off a bit more of the full layout.

That’s going to do it for this update, but if you’d like to see more be sure to stay up to date with Theme Park Shark by following us on Twitter, Instagram, and our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe via email below and check out our last “Velocicoaster” Construction Update Here.

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