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Universal Studios Florida’s Hidden Easter Eggs Explored

By Alicia Stella, Theme Park Shark Author

Updated 2:47 PM EDT, Mon February 1, 2021

Alicia Stella

From secrets to search for in the queues to hidden characters around the park, there’s a never-ending supply of fun Easter eggs to spot.

Walking through the Men in Black: Alien Attack queue at Universal Studios Florida, you’d never think to try the door handles of what look to be doors that lead to backstage areas.

However, jiggling the handles for doors marked “Fingerprint Removal” and “Oxygen-Free Zone” will set off special effects that were hidden here by the ride designers.

Alicia Stella
Jiggle the two door handles in the MiB queue for hidden effects!

While waiting in line for Revenge of the Mummy, you can startle unsuspecting fellow guests by hitting a scarab beetle-shaped touch point under a surveillance camera monitor.

That’ll send a blast of air firing towards guests on the bridge up ahead. Listen for the faint sound of their screams bellowing over the creepy background music.

Even before you enter the queue, you can spot a huge door laying against the wall near the entrance to Revenge of the Mummy.

This door was originally used as a piece of the set for the Museum of Antiquities location in “The Mummy” movie from 1999 starring Brendan Fraser.

Alicia Stella
Find a real-life recreation of the Love Tester from The Simpsons

For a fun photo op, look inside the pineapple at the SpongeBob StorePants gift shop to find Gary the Snail chilling to the beat of Stadium Rave under some party lighting.

Or, head to Moe’s Tavern to try your luck with the Love Tester as first seen in The Simpsons’ episode “Flaming Moe’s.”

There are countless secrets to explore around the park—even a menagerie of forest friends to find in the E.T. Adventure queue!

See the following video for plenty more examples of hidden Easter eggs around Universal Studios Florida, and post a comment with your favorite hidden thing at the park.

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Alicia Stella

Alicia Stella

Alicia is a lifelong Floridian and has been visiting the Orlando theme parks since the age of 3. Her years of experience, both working at and exploring theme parks, allows her a unique perspective for helping others plan and get the most out of their own visits to the Orlando parks.

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