Howl at the Moon, one of Universal Studios Hollywood’s last remaining adult club offerings, will officially close its’ doors within the coming months. Howl at the Moon is a dueling piano bar featuring high-energy music of all genres. This bar is currently located on the second floor of the Universal Studios Hollywood CityWalk.

Howl at the Moon exterior from

This is an unfortunate closing as this bar represents one of the last true club offerings that CityWalk offers. Although Howl at the Moon may pale in comparison to most major clubs, this was the closest option that City Walk offered to a lively venue for weekend nights.

Howl at the Moon inside shot from

I’ve always felt that CityWalk struggles to capture the interest of local customers. I’ve always figured that CityWalk could benefit from a high end club or two on the upper level as well as significantly dropped price of parking. CityWalk has a lot to offer and there should be no reason why it captures less local attention than the Grove and Hollywood Blvd. I have always pinned this “lack of local interest” on those two groups so hopefully Universal will find a worth replacement as I believe CityWalk could use it! With that said, Universal could also go a complete different direction and nix the idea of adult offerings all together.

What do you think Universal should do? Let us know in the comments below! For me, I want to see CityWalk thrive as a destination both tourists and locals want to visit every single weekend. Hopefully some changes can be made to make that a reality. Only time will tell!

Dustin is the owner of the Theme Park Shark. He is a self proclaimed 'theme park junkie.' Dustin has held an annual pass to Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Universal Studios Hollywood for the last 10 years. Dustin has even worked at the parks-- working the main gate at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Dustin has been following theme parks at an 'enthusiast level' for over 10 years. If Dustin had to pick one park in particular that he is most knowledgeable on, it would be Universal Studios Hollywood. Dustin's favorite rides are Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts at Universal Studios Florida and The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Island's of Adventure in Orlando.


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