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Jurassic World Ride Update, Secret Life of Pets News (Ft. Alicia Stella) Universal Studios Hollywood

Welcome back to Shark Stop! Alicia Stella of Theme Park Stop is here to discuss everything happening at Universal Studios Hollywood! The park has now been closed for 3 months and there is a lot to dive into!

In this video, you will hear us discuss all of the changes at the Jurassic World Ride. This attraction has been under major refurbishment and is rumored to receive a brand new finale, Indominus Rex, and new surprises to Predator Cove! We also discuss the new Secret Life of Pets Ride: Off the Leash!

Universal CityWalk in Hollywood opened yesterday, June 10th. As of now, we are still waiting for official confirmation from the park on a reopening date but all signs are pointing to July, 2020!

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