With the spooky season of Halloween looming before us Theme Parks around the United Kingdom are gearing up for a Halloween themed month of horrors, scares and frights! Thorpe Park is no acceptation to this with its UK premiere award-winning Halloween event FRIGHT NIGHTS!

With Thorpe Park’s 17th year of Fright Nights just around the corner! This isn’t any ordinary month for Thorpe Park as they continue to embrace and raise the bar by adding brand new spooks, thrills, horror mazes and scare attractions to their theme park such as:

  • Platform 15 One-Way Halloween Train
  • Screamnplexx Cinema
  • The Walking Dead Living Nightmare Horror Maze
  • The Walking Dead Do or Die Horror Maze
  • Blair Witch Horror Maze
  • Containment Escape Room,
  • Creek Freak Massacre Horror Maze
  • Terror at Amity High Horror Maze

Alongside that Thorpe Park is challenging everyone to the Feared 5 Challenge by daring YOU to brave some of Europe’s most thrilling coasters in the pitch black of night! Theme Park enthusiasts can scan QR codes located in the que-lines to get a free exclusive Feared 5 wristband! In addition, Thorpe Park will be selling Halloween themed merchandise exclusive to Fright Nights.

You can expect a post from us in October sharing the experiences, thrills and scares that Thorpe Park has to offer during this year’s Fright Night.


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