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Our Mission

Theme Park Shark covers theme parks and attractions from around the world. Our articles and videos include guides, tips, ride reviews, restaurants, hotel recommendations and much more!

Our owner, Dustin Sparage, started the Theme Park Shark as a YouTube channel, where we amassed 80,000 subscribers in our first year on the platform. We have now expanded our offerings to include, an emailed newsletter, audio and video podcast, a texting platform for theme park updates, and we are also available on all major social media channels including TikTok.


Our YouTube channel is visited by a million unique viewers every single month. Across all of our social media accounts, we reach 2 million individuals per month.

We are based in Los Angeles, California. Our parks of specialty are Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland. With that said, our team still covers the Orlando parks with the same enthusiasm that we offer our home parks in Southern California. Walt Disney World, the Universal Orlando Resort, Legoland Florida, and SeaWorld Parks are all covered. Any and all attractions worldwide, can be found here at the Theme Park Shark.

What We Offer

  • Breaking news from parks around the world
  • Interviews with industry leaders and insiders
  • Progress and construction updates of new and refurbished attractions
  • Rumors from top insiders in the industry
  • Restaurant, Resort, and Hotel Reviews and Recommendations
  • Photos from special and media exclusive events
  • Photos from weekly trips to the parks in Los Angeles and Orlando
  • Restaurant, Resort, and Hotel Reviews and Recommendations
  • New Theme Park ride reviews and honest feedback on theme park additions


Our bread and butter is our YouTube channel. We bring the latest in theme park news, packaged in a highly polished video product. Dustin set out with the goal to provide the highest quality theme park content available on the platform. It is Dustin’s mission to continue to improve the show and innovate the space of theme park content on YouTube

Theme Park Shark: Saturday Night Live
Once per month, this show airs live on our YouTube channel. Our host and owner, Dustin Sparage, answers viewer specific questions and requests for a full hour long show.

Theme Park Shark Podcast: Shark Stop
Twice per month, Dustin joins industry insider Alicia Stella from Theme Park Stop. Alicia Stella is regarded as one of the most insightful and accurate theme park insiders in the world. Dustin and Alicia explore the latest rumors from theme parks around the globe. Short form video is posted to YouTube and a longer form audio experience is posted to Apple and Spotify.







The Theme Park Shark was created by Dustin Sparage in 2019

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