As Epcot’s future develops for the one of the biggest park overhaul’s that Disney is doing and their has been some shuffling around for some of the Disney characters, shops, restaurants as the park undergoes it’s transformation. This includes the big cheese himself for Mickey Mouse will be relocating towards a new venue at Epcot at Walt Disney World some point in early 2020.

Mickey Mouse will be part of the ongoing Disney & Pixar Shorts Film Festival next year.


Mickey will be appearing inside of his new location at the Disney & Pixar Shorts Film Festival that is part of the Imagination! Pavilion. He will be greeting his fans and celebrating his on-screen fandom that his 90-year legacy that Mickey has grown and developed through out the years.

Featuring some of Mickey’s classic short films such as “Get A Horse”, the iconic “Steamboat Willie”, “Plane Crazy” and much more.

Stay tuned for updates about this new location for Mickey Mouse coming to Epcot!

Source: Disney


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